*WARNING CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC*. Feminism. If you have already looked at my 'PERSONAL' section you will have noticed I have a lot of photographs of girls being exposed via the use of their body or makeup. I recently did a project on women and the way in which society today objectifies them to something that is merely a sex object. Feminism is such a controversial topic in this day and age to the point where people don't even speak about it to avoid confrontation and this needs to change. They say that a photograph can speak a thousand words so I decided to produce a series of photographs on the delicate subject as this was a better way of getting my point across without the use of words. Each different photograph represents something a girl may feel... The photos speak for themselves.

After this project I realised how much words can truly effect a person, whether that be through body shaming, commenting on someone with or without makeup, etc. it can all have it's effect on people. Yes, I understand we all have made bitchy comments to people but now more than ever it needs to stop, whether it be to females or even males.

Feminism can be called a movement. A movement in which we (both male and females) need to stick together in order to fight for equality in the world we live in and not let people like the not so mighty Donald Trump think he can rule over us. The 20th of January the unthinkable quite literally happened, yes, Donald Trump became president... Even the Simpsons joked about it with it being the gag line of an episode in 2000... yet it still happened. However, a bright hope came about this when the extraordinary Women's March in Washington DC got a bigger turnout than Trump's Inauguration. Finger's crossed somethings going to change!

OKAY, that's enough of the serious talk I promise (well, as serious as it can be when Donald Trumps involved).

To see more photos from this series go to the 'PERSONAL' section of my website!

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